Dedicated 55+ Mountaineering on the Peaks of O'Hara 

Our 55+ mountaineering camps are for young-at-heart mountaineers and hikers who want to connect with other adventurers and explore moderate mountaineering and hiking routes from the comfort of one of our backcountry huts.

Riding the success of our 55+ Program trips to the Little Yoho Valley and to the Campbell Icefield we are excited to change up the venue and visit classic climbs on features that dominate the Rockies.

The Elizabeth Parker Hut is named after one of the founders of The Alpine Club of Canada. The club has been proud to maintain a hut at Lake O'Hara since 1912 with the construction of the Wiwaxy Cabin. Providing a perfect base camp for your ambitions, relax in a pristine alpine meadow after a day of climbing.

Past participants of this camp disagree about whether the highlight of the camp was the experienced and friendly guiding staff, the spectacular hikes and summits, or the friendly, supportive atmosphere. If you’ve taken the camp before, we’d love to see you back to explore a new destination with us! If it’s your first time, come try it out. If you are over 55 and seeking company and challenges with others in this age range, this camp is for you!

Arc'teryx supports our Mountaineering Program and we thank them for their assistance.

Camp Objectives

This camp is for those with mountaineering experience who want to attempt the objectives listed in a group of their peers.

  • Mt Victoria
  • Oraray Mountain
  • Mt Schaffer
  • Mt Lefroy
  • and many more!


Day by Day Adventure Itinerary 
  • Day 1 : Meet at trail head and travel to the hut, possibly a short objective depending on time or review of skills for the following days 
  • Day 2 -4: Using the hut as a basecamp explore the mountaineering the area has to offer.
  • Day 5: Attempt some final climbs conditions permitting before heading back to your cars with some amazing memories 
Is this Camp For Me?

This program is for those with previous mountaineering experience requiring strong fitness 

Food, Accommodation and Guiding


Evenings will be spent enjoying great food, socializing in cozy hut surroundings and resetting for the next day’s adventure. Food supplies will be carried in by porter to reduce pack weights. There will be a mix of lightweight but nutritious backpacking meals and snacks to keep you properly fuelled and hydrated for your adventure. All of our food is provided by specialized backcountry caterers based out of the Bow Valley. Check out our sample menu for full details of catering on ACC Adventures camps and courses.


The Elizabeth Parker hut rests in a scenic alpine meadow and provides excellent access to a variety of hiking and climbing objective. One of the most popular huts the ACC maintains and for good reason. The Wiwaxy Cabin (smaller of the 2 buildings)  was constructed in 1912 and the larger Hut was laid down in 1919. The historic log buildings are named in honor of Elizabeth Parker a founding member of the ACC  


Our guiding ratio will be a maximum of 2:1 to allow for more technical objectives. This camp is guided by ACMG-certified alpine guides.

The ACC hires guides certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). Visit the ACMG website to learn more about what they do!


If you don't have everything on the gear list and aren't ready to invest in your own, there are many awesome local businesses that rent out all of the equipment you will need.  Be sure to reserve your rentals ahead of time to make sure everything you need is available for you when you need it.

  • Coming from the Bow Valley? Check out GearUp in Canmore. ACC members get 10% off all gear rentals!
  • Coming from Calgary? We recommend renting your gear from MEC, the University of Calgary Outdoors Center, or the Norseman.
  • Coming from the Revelstoke? Give Revelstoke Powder Rentals a try.



Your Guides

  • “It was day one. No wait, it was day two. No, that’s not correct, it was day three. Or maybe day five. Day six? Do you see where I am going with this? Highlight every day.”
  • “Great guides, really great guides.”
  • “All the peaks were fun!”
  • “Spending five days hiking with such a friendly, supportive group of new friends, in an area that I have never hiked before. An adventure I’ll never forget.”
  • “The guide knew the hikes, was well organized and a great communicator and was always concerned about our safety and enjoyment.”
- Past 55+ Camp Participants-

Mountaineering Hazards

  • Rockfall and icefall
    • Rockfall and icefall can be caused by natural forces, or by people travelling through the terrain (Climbing/Scrambling/Hiking) 
    • What are the risks
    • Impact from a falling rock or ice can result in injury or death and can also damage equipment such as ropes.
    • Hazard Mitigation
    • Our ACMG certified guides have experience and training to manage this risk
    • Your guide will ask you to put on a helmet when in the mountains
  • Avalanche
    • Avalanches can occur in the terrain you will be entering. Caused by natural forces, or by people travelling through the terrain  
    • What are the risks
    • Anyone caught in a avalanche is at risk of personal injury, death, and or property damage or loss
    • Hazard Mitigation
    • Our ACMG certified guides have experience and training to manage this risk
    • Daily risk assessment processes
    • Guest training if avalanches are a risk on your trip
  • Terrain
    • Cornices
    • Crevasses
    • Trees, tree wells, and tree stumps
    • Creeks
    • Rocks and Boulders
    • Variable and difficult walking terrain
    • Impact or collision with other persons or objects
    • Encounters with domestic or wild animals
    • Contact with poisonous flora or fauna
    • Loss of balance or control
    • Slips, trips, and falls
    • Hazard Mitigation
    • Our ACMG certified guides have experience and training to manage this risk
    • Radios and/or other communication devices
  • Falls and belaying
    • Mountaineering and ice climbing present the risk of falling from the wall causing the climber to collide with the wall or ground 
    • There is also the risk of a belay failure, which can contribute to a ground fall
    • Hazard Mitigation
    • Your guide will review best belay practices with you or will control the belay
  • Communication, rescue, and medical treatment
    • Communication can be difficult and in the event of an accident rescue and treatment may not be available
    • Adverse weather may also delay the arrival of treatment or transportation out of the field,
    • Alpine weather conditions can be extreme and change rapidly without warning making travel by helicopter, snowmobile, snowcat, dangerous
    • If an injury occurs in challenging terrain movement to an evacuation point may be slow
    • Hazard Mitigation
    • Your guide is trained in both backcountry first-aid and rescue techniques
    • Emergency response plans
    • Satellite communication tools
  • Other
    • Slips trips and falls indoor or outdoor
    • Infectious disease contracted via direct or indirect contact, including but not limited to influenza or Covid-19
    • Equipment failure
    • Negligence of other persons, including other guests
    • Negligence of the guide Including failure to to take reasonable steps to safeguard or protect you from or warn you of risk, dangers, hazards, oh participating in ACC activities
    • Hazard Mitigation
    • Your guide is trained in both backcountry first-aid and rescue techniques
    • Satellite communication tools

Adventure Map


  •  July 21st - 25th, 2023
  •  $2550 + Tax

Trip Waivers and Liability Page

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More Information

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  • 5 days of professional guiding at max 2:1 ratios by certified ACMG alpine guides 
  • 4 nights accommodation at the Elizabeth Parker Hut
  • Meals starting with dinner Day 1 and ending with lunch on Day 5
  • All group gear


  • Transportation to and from the trailhead
  • Lunch on Day 1!
  • Personal gear (see gear list)

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  • Dedicated resources: full-time office staff, ACMG guides and group equipment on-hand to ensure your trip runs smoothly
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