Ice Climbing Program 

Ice climbing is possibly the most aesthetic of all the mountain sports. Bright Gore-Tex framed against blue waterfall ice in an alpine setting - it doesn't get much better. However, transitioning from rock to ice climbing, as well as moving towards climbing vertical ice can be extremely intimidating and dangerous. Luckily, we've got ice and mixed climbing ACMG certified guides heading up this program to show you the way.


Pre Ice Skills

    Before you get starting in ice climbing make sure you have the basic rope handling skills from indoor or outdoor climbing.
    Tie in knots, Belay methods, Clipping quickdraws, Ect

    If your looking to develop your skills check out our rock climbing program

Intro to Ice Climbing

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Intro to Lead Ice

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Early Season Ice with Kris Irwin

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Intro to Mixed

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Looking For More?

Checkout out your local ACC Regional Section. Each sections runs a variety of trips all thought the year. With experienced ACC volunteer leaders its a great opportunity to hone your skills, just get out for the day, and meet more of your local ,mountaineering community.  With Sections across the country it has never been easier to join!

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