• Travelling across vast glaciers, rapelling into steep couloirs, camping out under the winter sky, and reaching technical peaks i.e. our Ski Mountaineering Program contains our ultimate winter adventures! Each year you'll have the opportunity to explore various icefields in the Western Ranges, either utilizing existing hut networks or winter camping.

Level 1 - Wapta Icefield Traverse

Crossing frozen lakes, high passes and a vast glacial expanse, the Wapta Traverse is a journey in the truest sense of the word. This Adventure gives you the opportunity to travel hut-to-hut across the length of the Wapta and Waputik Icefields with the opportunity to climb ski mountaineering summits and cut deep powder turns along the way.

Dates: 2022 dates TBD
Price: $1995  

Level 1 - Bow to Yoho Traverse

Crossing the Wapta Icefield east to west rather than north to south, the Bow-Yoho traverse is less publicized than the Wapta. But we have no idea why because this adventure offers the same great hut experience, exciting glaciated terrain and spectacular summits in arguably a more peaceful and isolated setting. 

Dates: 2022 dates TBD  
Price: $1995  

Level 2 - Intro to Ski Mountaineering

Are you ready to take the next step in your backcountry skiing career? Sometimes just lapping that great powder field isn't enough and you want to start testing yourself on technical summits or steep couloirs. Like many things in the mountains, increased challenge comes with increased risk. Which is why we've developed a course to teach you the skills needed to progress safely and responsibly.

Dates: 2022 dates TBD  
Price: $895  

Level 2 - Crevasse Rescue Skills

Whether it's upcoming ski or summer mountaineering missions, shoulder season is the perfect time to update and refresh those vital crevasse rescue skills. And who better do it with than Canada's national mountaineering organization? Our fall and late spring offerings are led by our highly experienced Lead Winter Guide, Doug Latimer. Doug is currently authoring an e-book on the subject (to be included in your course fee if completed in time) and will teach all of the skills necessary to maximize safety in glaciated terrain and deal with a crevasse fall scenario.

Dates: Nov 19&21 and April 22&24, 2020  
Price: $235

Level 2 - Columbia Icefields Ski Mountaineering

Explore and connect with the largest icefield in the Rocky Mountains as you camp out under the stars and have the chance to summit 11,000 foot peaks including Mt. Columbia - the highest point in Alberta and second highest on the Canadian side of the range.

Dates: 2022 dates TBD 
Price: $1,295  

Level 3 - Brazeau Icefield Ski Camping Traverse

Whether it's ski lifts, helicopters, mountain huts or porters, it's rare that modern, multi-day, alpine ski excursions are truly independent and self-powered. Our ACC ski camping Adventures change all that. Once at the trailhead, it's you and your guide in the wilderness carrying all of your own food and camping equipment.

Dates: 2022 dates TBD  
Price: $1195