• Mountaineering is the classic Alpine Club activity and why our organization was formed. Pure mountaineering in its truest form challenges the body and mind on every level - technical climbing skills (on snow, ice and rock), fitness, navigation, systems, mental toughness - all combine to give that most rewarding of mountain experiences, standing on a summit.

Level 1 - Glacier Discovery

In summer of 2021 we developed a program to help our members progress from hiking trail or rock scrambles to bigger objectives that involve ice. This three day camp will have you hiking into Bow Hut and going over basic glacier gear and how to rope up and work as a team to get across a glacier. Day 2 will be a day out on the glacier with an objective weather permitting. Day 3 will be review and a chance to go more in depth on some over the general skills from the previous two days before heading back to the car. Be prepared for a jam packed long weekend.

2021 Glacier Discovery at Bow Hut
Dates: July 16-18, August 6-8 & August 20-22
Price: $795

Level 2 - Intro to Mountaineering

Whether they’re the first summits of your mountaineering career or the first summits of your season, come join us on the Wapta Icefield for five days of skills training and peak bagging. You’ll learn new mountaineering techniques and knowledge and get hands-on practice applying what you've learnt right away.

Dates:  July 1-5, July 29-August 2 & August 21-25, 2021
Price: $1,625

Level 2 - Intro to Glacier Travel - Bugaboos

Ever hit the end of a hiking trail but wish you got up close and personal with the peaks? Or have you completed all the rock scrambles in your area and are looking for new objectives with glacial approaches? This camp is there to take you from the hiking/scrambling trail into the more complex terrain of glaciers. You’ll learn new mountaineering techniques and knowledge and get hands-on practice applying what you've learnt right away. What's more is you get to do so out of the Conrad Kain Hut in the Bugaboos Provincial Park.

Dates: July 12-15, 2021
Price: $1,475

Level 2 - Crevasse Rescue

Whether it's upcoming ski or summer mountaineering missions, shoulder season is the perfect time to update and refresh those vital crevasse rescue skills. And who better do it with than Canada's national mountaineering organization? Our fall and late spring offerings are led by our highly experienced Lead Winter Guide, Doug Latimer. Doug is currently authoring an e-book on the subject (to be included in your course fee if completed in time) and will teach all of the skills necessary to maximize safety in glaciated terrain and deal with a crevasse fall scenario.

2021Crevasse Rescue
Dates: July 19-20, 2021
Price: $350

Level 3 - Women's Climbing - The Icefield Parkway

Designed and offered for all women, this unique climbing camp provides an opportunity for women to work on summer leading skills and gain valuable mountaineering experience. This year in order to stay Covid safe we have moved the camp to the lovely group campsite on the David Thompson Hwy, the Two O'clock Creek Camprground. This area will allow for a variety of mountaineering efforts along the parkway as well as some dry crags closer to the campsite to practice some rope rescue and work on technique. Long story short this will be a great place to hone the mountaineering skills of a fabulous group of women.

Dates: June 25-28, 2021
Price: $1,245