• Come join us on the trails to access views normally reserved for overnight hikes with backpacks.

Trail Running - Lake Louise Classics

Join this camp and let alpine guide and trail running enthusiast Kris Irwin lead the way on some of the most iconic trails in the Rockies.

Running options include: Lake Louise Swiss guides trail to toe of glacier and tea house stop, Iceline in Yoho, Paradise valley to Sentinel Pass, circumnavigate Mt. Temple.

Dates: Summer 2022 July 9th-10th
Price: $350

Women's Trail Running - Rockwall Traverse

The Rockwall Traverse is normally a backpacking trip that takes 3-4 nights however recently it's been increasing in popularity for trail running. The trail starts with a gradual climb through an old burn covered in fireweed flowers then ascends up beside a waterfall bringing you to the well photographed Floe Lake. From there the trail take you over 3 passes each with unique views of the hanging glaciers and the valley below. The last leg take you by the tall Helmet Falls and then the elevation evens out until you arrive at the paint pots trailhead. The full trail is 55 kms and you will climb 2400 meters over the whole trail.

Dates: Summer 2022 dates TBD
Price: $745