• This program is designed to offer camps and courses for all types of women. If you are a cis-gendered woman, trans, binary and/or identify more as female then we welcome you to any of the offerings below. 

Women's Climbing - The Icefield Parkway

Designed and offered for all women, this unique climbing camp provides an opportunity for women to work on summer leading skills and gain valuable mountaineering experience. This year in order to stay Covid safe we have moved the camp to the lovely group campsite on the David Thompson Hwy, the Two O'clock Creek Camprground. This area will allow for a variety of mountaineering efforts along the parkway as well as some dry crags closer to the campsite to practice some rope rescue and work on technique. Long story short this will be a great place to hone the mountaineering skills of a fabulous group of women.

Dates: June 25-28, 2021
Price: $1,245