ACC Trip Waivers

If you are joining us on any ACC Adventure, you will be requested to complete the documents listed below. Prior to registering for any of our trips, please read each waiver carefully and ensure that you understand the contents of each. If you have any questions, please contact the ACC Mountain Adventures Coordinator at [email protected]

NOTE: You are not required to complete and submit these documents prior to your trip. We will provide all necessary waivers on the first day of your adventure. Guides and/or camp staff will need to witness you signing all waivers. 

ACC Acknowledgment of Risk Waiver 

The completion of this liability waiver is a requirement for all ACC trips set out by our insurance underwriter and land managers that we work with.

Download Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver (EN)
Download Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver (FR)

Declaration of Health and Exposure

To ensure the safety of ACC participants and guest, and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, you are required to complete this document. The inability to make one or more of these attestations may disqualify you from participation.

Download Declaration of Health and Exposure

Model Release Agreement                          

The completion of this agreement permits the ACC to use your image in photo and video content for legitimate uses as outlined in the document.

Download Model Release Agreement

  Additional ACC Trip Waivers

Depending on your trip, you may also be requested to complete the following waivers in addition to those listed above:

ACMG Acknowledgment of Risk Waiver 

For any trips led by a contracted ACMG member, you will be required to complete this liability waiver in addition to the ACC Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver.

Download ACMG Liability Waiver 

ACMG Consent of Minor Release Waiver

The parent and/or guardian of any individual aged 17 or younger will be required to complete this waiver in addition to the ACC Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver.

Download ACMG Minor Release Waiver  

Avalanche Canada Liability Release Waiver

This waiver is required for any course that follows the Avalanche Canada curriculum guidelines (i.e. AST 1, AST 2, etc.)

Download AST Student Release

  ACC Trip Policies

Covid Protocols for ACC Programs

What are we doing to keep you safe and what do we expect from you?


The ACC will ensure:

  • We are up to date all local COVID-19 restrictions for regions where camps are run
  • Pre trip communication with guides on current COVID-19 protocols
  • Pre trip communication with participants on any changes to protocols for their program
  • We verify that the required COVID-19 documents submitted are valid

What we are asking you:

  • To read and sign the Covid health and exposure declaration form (located above on this page)
  • To be fully vaccinated or provide proof of negative results from a Health Canada approved rapid antigen or PCR test (more details in vaccine policy section)
  • To bring your own full coverage face masks that will last the duration of the camp

Day Camps and Out in the Field

The ACC will ensure:

  • Guides are trained on how to deliver the courses in such a way as to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
  • Guide ratios are appropriate to allow for monitoring of social distancing and personal protective practices
  • Guides promote personal hygiene practices during the course, including: coughing and sneezing etiquette, hand hygiene (no shaking hands/high-fives)
  • Guides will choose locations where 2 meters of social distancing can be practiced

What we are asking you:

  • To respect the different comfort levels of others on the program
  • To listen to the guide as their main job is keeping all participants safe
  • To practice physical distancing of 2 meters for the duration of the camp with people not from the same household
  • To wear a mask if a situation arises where 2-meter distancing is not possible with people not from the same household
  • That you are self-monitoring daily and will let the guides or ACC staff know if you are not feeling well.

Hut Based Trips

The ACC will ensure:

  • Exclusive booking of the hut for your program (this is valid until May 30th at which point we will re-asses the risk at that time)
  • Hut cleaning procedures for all hut users to follow for the duration of their stay
  • Necessary cleaning products to complete the cleaning hut procedures
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers at the huts
  • That reduced program capacities to allow more spacing in the huts

What we are asking you:

  • All participants will be required to follow cooking and cleaning protocols including distancing, glove wearing and hand washing
  • To practice physical distancing of 2 meters for the duration of the camp with people not from the same household
  • To wear a mask while inside the hut (with the exception of eating)


The ACC will ensure:

  • That we follow up with guide to see how things went and if we can make any improvements.
  • That we will contact all participants should we know of someone on the camp testing positive for COVID-19 after the program is over. This person will remain anonymous.

What we are asking you:

  • To fill out the post camp survey
  • Let us know if you develop sign of Covid within 3 days of finishing the program.

Liability Insurance for Helping with Club Activities – We’ve Got You Covered

The venues (outdoor and indoor) in which we all recreate can be potentially dangerous places and we all know that accidents can happen.

The ACC’s first goal is always to prevent accidents and injuries through safety education and leadership training. But the Club also carries a comprehensive liability insurance policy that covers its members leading or involved in running an ACC trip/event, and its contractors and employees in case they are named in a lawsuit following an accident. 

Being covered by this policy is a benefit of ACC membership and it might be a bigger benefit than many people think.
If you’re an ACC member and you’re leading an ice climbing outing or helping out with the logistics of a ski camp or belaying in a sport climbing competition – any official ACC activity – you’re covered under our policy. If an accident happens that results in a lawsuit, the ACC’s insurance company steps in and covers legal bills and damages to $5 million.

Liability insurance is something we all hope we never have to use. But like your helmet or your crevasse rescue skills, it’s good to know that it’s in place should you ever need it.

The ACC also sells Tugo travel insurance for personal trips. These policies cover activities such as rock climbing and hiking. They can also be tailored to cover activities such as ice climbing and mountaineering over 6,000m. We have three licensed insurance agents based out of the National Office in Canmore who can answer queries, including the ins and outs of what is needed for your particular adventure. See our Travel Insurance page.