Registration Procedure and Cancellation Policy

Registration Procedure

Your contacts at the ACC for Adventures registrations are:

  • Nicole Sinclair, Mountain Adventures Coordinator (email, phone: 403 678 3200 ext. 213)
  • Tara McConnery, Programs Director (email, phone: 403 678 3200 ext. 218)

Give us a call if you are looking for more information on any of our camps and courses or have issues registering online.  

Please make sure you have read and agreed to the ACC’s Cancellation Policy as once your registration is confirmed you are bound to the terms of this policy. Please also ensure you have read and agreed to the ACC Waiver of Liability in English or French. We will require a signed copy of this to be completed on the first day of the camp with the guide. 

Cancellation Policy

Every season, participant cancellations happen due to unforeseen circumstances (injury, work commitments, financial difficulty, family illness etc.) While we fully sympathize with every situation, this policy is implemented strictly to ensure that everyone gets equal treatment and the Club doesn’t incur undue costs. We strongly recommend everyone purchase cancellation insurance upon registration either through the ACC or another provider to avoid the full or partial loss of your registration fees in these situations.

What do I need to pay upfront to hold a camp spot?
Your camp spot is only confirmed once you have paid the registration fee. If you are registering for a higher priced camp ($1,000 or more), well in advance (8 weeks before the start date), we offer the option to pay 40% of the total cost upon registration and the remainder 8 weeks out. 

Can I get a refund if I cancel?
Be sure you can make your camp or course! In the event of cancellation, camp payments are partially refundable but only if you are able to find someone to take your spot. Office staff will share the email addresses of any available waitlists with you, but it is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement. 

How much will I be refunded if I find someone to take my spot?
Cancelling, refunding and re-registering people for camps and courses costs our office staff valuable time. Refunding credit cards also costs the Club up to 5% in transaction fees. If you do find someone to take your spot, we will refund your payments less an admin fee of $150 and 5% of any credit card refund. 

What if the ACC cancels or changes the itinerary of the camp? 
Occasionally we encounter serious, unforeseen, logistical difficulties e.g. road closures, guide injury/illness, low registration, hut closures etc. In these circumstances, if we are to find a suitable alternative itinerary which doesn't change the basic nature of the camp, a refund won't typically be offered. If the basic nature of the camp is changed, we will be in touch with you ASAP to offer you the option of staying on the camp or receiving a full refund. 

In very rare circumstances, a camp might have to be totally cancelled and you will be offered a full refund. Please note that in the event of cancellation, the ACC is not responsible for any expenses incurred by a participant in preparation for the trip (e.g. airline tickets, visa fees, equipment purchases etc.) so we recommend that you contact us before incurring these costs to assess the likelihood that the camp will run.
What if the camp staff feel I am not suitably experienced or qualified for the camp or course I have registered for?
In these rare circumstances, we will do our best to find a suitable alternative camp for you (if the new camp costs more, you will pay the difference, if it costs less, the ACC will refund you the difference). If no suitable alternative can be arranged, we will provide a full refund of all payments made (less 5% to cover transaction fees). 

If you have any doubts about your suitability for a camp or course, please get in touch with us before registering.

What if a camp starts late or finishes early?
In these situations, we will reimburse participants for any costs we are able to recoup e.g. hut bookings, guiding days, food etc. 

If the first day of a camp involves a helicopter or airplane flight delayed by weather, the participants will be responsible for paying for accommodation and food requirements while waiting for the flight. If a camp is delayed at the end by weather, participants will not be charged for additional guide days, food or accommodation.